Métis Cultural Days: La Trahison (The Betrayal) – Sept. 28 Free Admission

The Grand Theatre is thrilled to host La Trahison (The Betrayal) is a dramatization of a conversation between Father Julien Moulin, the parish priest of Batoche, and Gabriel Dumont, the Métis chief. In 1905, 20 years after the battle, Dumont tries to get his old friend to admit that the clergy revealed his military secrets during the Battle of Batoche. Dumont also feels his death approaching and wants to reconcile with the church so he can be buried in the Batoche cemetery. The 50-minute play will be followed by an audience discussion with the actor and playwright Laurier Gareau.

Friday, September 28
Showtime: 1 p.m.
Admission: FREE
For more information about Métis Cultural Days in Indian Head contact:

Contact: Linda Kort
Organization: Indian Head Museum Society
Phone: 306-695-2617
E-mail: korts@sasktel.net
Website: facebook.ca/indianheadmuseum

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