Our Theatre

Community Owned and Operated

Indian Head Theatre and Community Arts Inc. is a group of individuals that have been working since June 2013 to ensure that Indian Head has a theatre and creative arts centre for years to come. We will create a robust, financially self-sustaining movie theatre and performing creative arts centre run by and responsive to the needs of the citizens of Indian Head. It is our vision to own and operate the Grand Theatre (formerly the Indian Head Opera House) and, over time, restore it to its historic roots.   While Indian Head is in need of a theatre, the building will offer so much more as a cultural centre for Indian Head and district. In addition to weekly movies, we envision it as a home for live theatre, dance performances, concerts, lectures, conferences, film festivals, and other community uses.

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A Place in Saskatchewan History

The Grand Theatre was built in 1904 as the Indian Head Opera House by Arthur James Osment. The buff-coloured bricks were hauled from Lake Katepwa in the Qu’Appelle Valley from the Peltier brick plant by horse and wagon for the opera house and the three storefronts to the south.  At the time, it was the only opera house between Winnipeg and Vancouver and was used for plays, music productions, Chautauqua and splendid balls.  Arthur’s son Walter painted scenery sets, and these fragile rolls can still be found in the basement.

In 1938, as the opera era closed, the building was sold to Mr. Baldwin and used for silent pictures.  He built a projection room and installed new talkie equipment.  Owners over the years have included Ted Williams, The Hatton family, Gordon Wilson Sparky Clark, Helene & Greg Stewart and now finally community owned and operated.  The reel to reel carbon arc rod projectors were installed under Sparky Clark’s ownership and used up until the community purchased the theatre in February 2014.

Indian Head Theatre & Community Arts. Inc. has upgraded the movie equipment, brought back life with live performances and is striving to conserve this treasure historic asset in the community of Indian Head.  Currently, the group believes that The Grand Theatre is the oldest continually operated venue of it’s kind in Canada and is conducting research to verify.

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The Indian Head Theatre and Community Arts inc. group is led by a group of dedicated volunteer board of Directors. Individuals on the board bring a wealth of relevant experience, dedication and knowledge including; community organization, business development, performances, event planning, volunteer management and promotion. Contact us to reach our board or get more information about the board and its various sub-committees.

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