Teddy Anderson: Hoop Dancer School Tour April 1, 2019

Monday April 01, 2019 at 9:30 AM – The Grand Theatre is proud to sponsor this OSCA event to be hosted at the Indian Head high school for both the IHHS and elementary school students. 

Teddy Anderson is an internationally recognized performer, motivational speaker and children’s book author. Teddy has performed over 1,800 performance/talks in 20 countries in the world including China, Malaysia, Uganda, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand and many more. Teddy goal is to inspire all people to see themselves as members of One Human Family.  Drawing on the First Nation’s Hoop Dance as well as Teddy’s life experience, Teddy teaches the important message of unity and inclusion. Dancing with up to 30 hoops at a time, Teddy captivates and inspires audiences of all ages to bring about greater levels of community. 

Teddy offers a cultural performance that is beautiful, inspiring and interactive.  The performance begins with a native prayer, a song on the native flute, two hoop dance demonstrations, detailed explanations of the stories behind each dance, in line with a message of respect for all people, an audience participatory hoop dance and a question and answer period.  Throughout Teddy’s performances, workshops and motivational talks he draws on his experience of living and traveling around the world. Witnessing the diversity of cultures in the world has given Teddy a unique outlook on many issues that children face. 

Teddy has a community of Elders where he sits, listens and learns. In Teddy’s hometown of Red Deer, Teddy is considered part of the community and continues to contribute by publishing a  First Nation’s children’s book through his company “Medicine Wheel Education.” Before Teddy started hoop dancing full time he worked as the youth coordinator at the Friendship Centre in Red Deer.  Teddy has been helping youth all over the world achieve success through his work with schools, community organizations and government institutions. The experience of seeing Teddy dance and speak has been described as life changing. 

Teddy has the cultural permission of his Lakota Hoop Dance Mentor Kevin Locke to dance and perform.  Combining the traditional Native hoop dancing with a 21st century message, he reaches into his audiences’ heart, imprinting there a message of peace and oneness.  Teddy has honed his skills as a motivational and keynote speaker as well as a workshop facilitator. Teddy has spoken to many audiences on issues including racism, bullying, violence, and the importance of education, human rights, youth peacebuilding and the experience of growing up in Rwanda.   Teddy belongs to the Deishitaan Clan of the Tlingit People of Carcross Tagish First Nations and has been given the name Yéil S’aaghi (Crow Bones). Teddy is also Persian, English and Norwegian. This rich multicultural background gives Teddy a perspective of the need for unity and love amongst all people.

Learn more about Teddy Anderson on his official website.

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